The Doctors'

2017 Sauvignon Blanc Forrest Estate
Drs. John and Brigid Forrest are a husband and wife team based in the South Island region of Marlborough in New Zealand. Bringing across their knowledge of Molecular Biology and Medicine the Forrests have gone into great depths to develop new techniques to make their wines standout from the crowd. The Doctor's range take this to an all new level. John, who visited us very recently (May 2016) told us how he was able to get his Doctor's Sauvignon Blanc to a finished ABV of 9.5%. Utilising research from German oenologists John was able to determine that removing leaves from the top layer of the canopy would reduce the natural alcohol in the grapes. Through trial and error this led him to realising that to get the result he wanted all he had to do was remove the highest four leaves of each vine...a slightly shortened version of his explanation but incredibly fascinating and the wine itself has the all the hallmarks of a classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.
Tropical fruit, herbaceous notes and superb tension throughout. Ground-breaking stuff really in a world where consumers are becoming so much more aware of ABVs.

Bottle price (75cl):